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SIGMOD Keynote Talk 2

Managing Database Technology at Enterprise Scale

Paul Yaron (J. P. Morgan Chase)


Paul Yaron is responsible for Non-Mainframe, Relational Database Architecture, Engineering and Strategy for JPMC globally. JP Morgan is a leading financial services firm with assets over $2 trillion, operates 40 major datacenters around the globe, servicing over 60 countries with over 250,000 employees. It partners with 170 regulators and manages 230 Petabytes of data, JPMC depends on over 23,000 database instances to service multiple business units. With a deployment of such scope, JPMC leverages solutions from most major database, security and operating system vendors.

This talk will discuss the challenges and strategies of managing the evolving ecosystem of "all data", from information security, to internal virtualization strategies. Engineering reliable globally scalable and compliant data management solutions demands a model for proactively measuring the risk complexity of an ecosystem for expert focus and potential proactive remediation. The research for quantitative measurement of database (or other) ecosystem entropy appears sparse. JPMC is looking to share its ideas in this space with the academic community as the need for such quantitative measures are increasingly important as ecosystems move from islands of single tenant risk into multitenant risk clusters.


Paul Yaron is the JP Morgan Chase global lead for Non-Mainframe, Relational Database Architecture, Engineering and Strategy. Paul became part of the JP Morgan database leadership team in 2008 after 13 years as the leading RDBMS strategy and technology at Bear Stearns. Paul has a 25 year Investment Banking Career, having previous database leadership functions at Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Salomon Brothers. Before a Wall Street career, Paul was a member of technical staff at AT&T and among the first employees hired at Epson (the printer company). Paul is an ACM Member.

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