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2013 ACM Fellows

Congratulations to Charu C. Aggarwal, Stefano Ceri, Peter Haas, Matthias Jarke, Timos Sellis, Dennis Shasha, Kyuseok Shim, Val Tannen, and Limsoon Wong!

ACM has recognized 50 of its members for their contributions to computing that are driving innovations across multiple domains and disciplines.  The2013 ACM Fellows,  from the world’s leading universities, corporations, and research labs, have achieved advances in computing research and development that are accelerating the digital revolution and impacting every dimension of how we live, work, and play…worldwide.  

The ACM Fellows who contribute to the database community inducted in 2013 include:

Charu C. Aggarwal
IBM Research
For contributions to knowledge discovery and data mining algorithms

Stefano Ceri
Politecnico di Milano
For contributions to database management, including distributed databases, rule-processing, and search computing

Peter Haas
IBM Research – Almaden
For leadership in probabilistic methods for the management and analysis of data and for system simulation

Matthias Jarke
RWTH Aachen University (Germany Aachen University of Technology)
For contributions to conceptual modeling, requirements engineering, metadata management, and computer science leadership in Germany

Timoleon K. Sellis
RMIT University (Australia)
For contributions to database query optimization, spatial data management, and data warehousing

Dennis E. Shasha
Courant Institute, New York University
For technical and literary contributions over a broad range of data management topics

Kyuseok Shim
Seoul National University
For contributions to scalable data mining and query processing

Val Tannen
University of Pennsylvania
For contributions to query languages, query optimization and data provenance

Limsoon Wong
National University of Singapore
For contributions to database theory and computational biology


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