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Michael Carey invites SIGMOD Members to attend The Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC 2012)

The first independently-located edition of the annual ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC'12) is just around the corner - it's being held on Oct. 14-17 in San Jose (see details below). I wanted to be sure that its program was brought to the attention of all the potentially interested folks in SIGMOD-land, as SoCC is jointly sponsored by us (ACM SIGMOD) and our friends in the operating systems and distributed systems world (ACM SIGOPS), hence this e-mail. Previously we have co-located the SoCC conference with one of our groups' two main annual conferences (SIGMOD or SOSP), but this year we're trying a "solo" run of SoCC in Silicon Valley instead. As the PC co-chair from the SIGMOD side, I helped to oversee the creation of this year's program, and I think it's a strong and interesting program, so now I want to be sure that it comes to the attention of all the potentially interested folks in our community. There will be two days of technical talks (single-track, i.e., SOSP-style) followed by a day containing two parallel tracks of tutorials (be sure to check those out!). If you're interested in cloud computing, Big Data, ..., either working in the area now or thinking about it, you should seriously consider attending - and please also spread the word to your colleagues and students. I hope to see a bunch of you there at SoCC'12 next month!

The program <> for 
The Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC 2012) <
is now posted online! For those who were unable to register 
<> before the early bird 
deadline, there is good news! We have extended the early bird 
registration <> deadline to 
September 24, 2012. For details on the exciting things happening at SoCC 
2012, continue reading below.

      What's new at SoCC 2012?

This will be an exciting year for SoCC because it's the first time it 
will run independently from SIGMOD and SOSP. In addition, its Silicon 
Valley location should make it easy for the large local cloud computing 
community to participate. Final details are in the works, but the 
program will include a keynote address, two full days of single-track 
technical talks, and then a day of optional tutorials. Below are a few 
of the anticipated highlights, for the full program click here 


The accomplished Scott Shenker (Berkeley) will be keynoting at SoCC 2012 
on "Software-Defined Networking: Overview and Implications". In addition 
to teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, he is also the 
chief scientist and leader of the Networking Group at the International 
Computer Science Institute, where he was a founding member of the ICSI 
Center for Internet Research. Scott has received awards from both 
SIGCOMM and IEEE and serves as a leader in the movement toward 
Software-Defined Networking.

      Papers <>

We received over 160 paper submissions covering a variety of topics. The 
program committee accepted ~25 papers <>, 
which equates to a selective 15.33% acceptance rate, so you can look 
forward to a very high quality technical program.

      Tutorials <>

We will have two tracks of informative Tutorials available the day after 
the main conference:

  * Designing Good Algorithms for Map-Reduce and Beyond (Full Day)
      o Foto N. Afrati <>
        (NTUA and Google)
      o Magdalena Balazinska
        <> (Univeristy
        of Washington)
      o Anish Das Sarma
        <> (Google)
      o Bill Howe <>
        (University of Washington)
      o Semih Salihoglu (Stanford University)
      o Jeffrey D. Ullman <>
        (Stanford University)
  * Distributed Programming and Consistency: Principles and Practice
    (Half Day)
      o Peter Alvaro <> (UC Berkeley)
      o Neil Conway <> (UC Berkeley)
      o Joseph M. Hellerstein <> (UC Berkeley)
  * Open Source Cloud Technologies (Half Day)
      o Salman A. Baset
        (IBM Research)


In addition to the high-caliber technical participation at the 
conference, there will also be opportunities to mingle with world-class 
leaders in cloud computing in a more informal setting (i.e accompanied 
by excellent food, wine, and cocktails). Monday evening, October 15th, 
we will host a banquet exclusively for SoCC attendees at the Tech Museum 
<> which houses many innovative exhibits.

The SoCC 2012 organizing committee is excited to hear about all the 
latest work being done in cloud computing and to bringing together all 
of the fantastic thought leaders in this field. We hope to see you there!

On behalf of the SoCC organizing committee 

Daniel Freedman
SoCC '12 Publicity Chair


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