Representing and Querying Changes in Semistructured Data.

Sudarshan S. Chawathe, Serge Abiteboul, Jennifer Widom: Representing and Querying Changes in Semistructured Data. ICDE 1998: 4-13
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Semistructured data may be irregular and incomplete and does not necessarily conform to a fixed schema. As with structured data, it is often desirable to maintain a history of changes to data, and to query over both the data and the changes. Representing and querying changes in semistructured data is more difficult than in structured data due to the irregularity and lack of schema. We present a model for representing changes in semistructured data and a language for querying over these changes. An important feature of our approach is that we represent and query changes directly as annotationson the affected data, instead of indirectly as the difference between database states. We describe the implementation of our model and query language. We also describe the design and implementation of a query subscription service that permits users to subscribe to changes in semistructured information sources.

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Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Data Engineering, February 23-27, 1998, Orlando, Florida, USA. IEEE Computer Society 1998, ISBN 0-8186-8289-2
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