System/K: A Knowledge Base Management System.

Mauro Maier, Claudio Cirilli: System/K: A Knowledge Base Management System. SSDBM 1983: 287-294
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System/K is a Knowledge Base Management System designed to offer a set of facilities for knowledge representation and usage at the conceptual level by means of three descriptive mechanisms ("Aggregate", "derive", and "Collect").
Two specific object-types (Assertions and Sets) are defined to represent the "part-of", "is-a" and "member-of" relationships.
An "object-Oriented" cross-reference logic is defined, that saves users from having to be constantly aware of "keys".
System/K refers to SQL/DS (a relational DBMS) to maintain information concerning both the conceptual relationships (meta-database) and the description of the entities in the real world (database).
A logic is defined to generate the appropriate relation schemes starting from the conceptual definitions.

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Roy Hammond, John L. McCarthy (Eds.): Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Statistical Database Management, Los Altos, California, USA, September 27-29, 1983. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 1983
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