A Temporal Evolutionary Object-Oriented Data Model and Its Query Language for Medical Image Management.

Wesley W. Chu, Ion Tim Ieong, Ricky K. Taira, Claudine M. Breant: A Temporal Evolutionary Object-Oriented Data Model and Its Query Language for Medical Image Management. VLDB 1992: 53-64
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A temporal evolutionary object-oriented data model (TEDM) for medical image data is presented in this paper. The images (e.g. X-rays, CT scans, MR scans, etc.) and their features are represented as objects in the data model. A high-level declarative temporal evolutionary query language (TEQL) integratedwith the data model is proposed which provides the user with the capabilities of querying on the temporal evolutionary contents of the medical images. Our proposed model and language constructs can be applied to application domains that exemplify the evolutionary transformations of objects.

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Li-Yan Yuan (Ed.): 18th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 23-27, 1992, Vancouver, Canada, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1992, ISBN 1-55860-151-1
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