High Performance Hardware for Database Systems.

D. R. McGregor, R. G. Thomson, W. N. Dawson: High Performance Hardware for Database Systems. VLDB 1976: 103-116
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The work is founded on a comprehensive database model which provides various user languages and supports different "views" of the data. The low-level database structure is based on the n-ary relational model.

A special-purpose processor is described which can directly perform the relational primitive operations.

Novel algorithms for these operations are outlined.

Copyright © 1976 by International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).

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Peter C. Lockemann, Erich J. Neuhold (Eds.): Systems for Large Data Bases, September 8-10, 1976, Brussels, Belgium. North Holland & IFIP 1976, ISBN 0-7204-0546-7
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