Application Program Conversion due to Data Base Changes.

Stanley Y. W. Su: Application Program Conversion due to Data Base Changes. VLDB 1976: 143-157
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Advancement in hardware and software technologies and changes in the use environment of data base management systems often require that the data bases and their associated application programs be translated and converted in order to take advantage of newer technologies and new application needs. Research must be conducted to find efficient techniques for automatic or semi-automatic application program conversion, so that the expense and time involved in manual rewriting of application programs can be avoided.

This paper (1) describes the relation between data base translation and application program conversion, (2) identifies the program conversion tasks and their possible automation, (3) explores the techniques for solving the conversion problem through computer aided analysis of application programs, and (4) discusses and illustrates the data mappinq operators useful for data base translation and their effects on program conversion. A semi-automatic approach to the conversion problem is proposed. It divides the conversion into two stages of analysis: data sublanguage statement analysis and conversion, and host language program analysis and conversion. Some conversion tasks and their analysis techniques are identified and described.

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Peter C. Lockemann, Erich J. Neuhold (Eds.): Systems for Large Data Bases, September 8-10, 1976, Brussels, Belgium. North Holland & IFIP 1976, ISBN 0-7204-0546-7
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