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This DVD contains several Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL) reports. The reports were digitized from paper originals located in the Charles Babbage Institute (Center for the History of Information Technology) at the University of Minnesota. The reports provide a fascinating look back to the early days of database research.

Data Base Task Group, 1969-1971

pdf PDF (8 MB)
DBTG Report, October 1969. 192 pp.
pdf PDF (16 MB)
DBTG Report, April 1971. 264 pp.

Systems Committee, 1969-1982

pdf PDF (18 MB)
A Survey of Generalized Data Base Management Systems, May 1969. 385 pp.
pdf PDF (30 MB)
Feature Analysis of Data Base Management Systems, May 1971. 511 pp.
pdf PDF (0.3 MB)
Charles W. Bachman, "Commentary on the CODASYL Systems Committee's interim report on distributed database technology," 1978. 3 pp.
pdf PDF (9 MB)
"A Framework for the Distributed Database Systems: Distribution Alternatives and Generic Architecture," 1981(?), 139 pp.


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