A Validation System for Object Oriented Specifications of Information Systems.

Antonio Grau, Mojgan Kowsari: A Validation System for Object Oriented Specifications of Information Systems. ADBIS 1997: 249-256
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In this paper, we present a set of software tools for developing and validating object oriented conceptual models specified in Troll. Troll is a formal object-oriented language for modelling information systems on a high level of abstraction. The tools include editors, syntax and consistency checkers as well as an animator which generates executable prototypes from the models on the same level of abstraction. In this way, the model behaviour can be observed and checked against the informal user requirements. Troll is being used to model an industrial project which is called CATC (Computer Aided Testing and Certifying). We show the functionalities of the tools by a simplified example of CATC.

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