Tools for Chimera: An Environment for Designing and Prototyping Advanced Applications in an Active DOOD Model.

Ulrike Griefahn, Thomas Lemke, Rainer Manthey: Tools for Chimera: An Environment for Designing and Prototyping Advanced Applications in an Active DOOD Model. ADBIS 1997: 346-355
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During the last five years, the object-oriented data model Chimera has served as a focus of numerous research activities within the European cooperation project IDEA. Chimera particularly emphasizes the use of deductive and active rules during object-oriented modeling. Apart from a full application design methodology based on Chimera, a number of tools supporting the different phases of this methodology have been developed by the IDEA partners. In this paper, the tools developed at the University of Bonn will be introduced. They support schema design, prototyping and evolution as well as deductive rule analysis and automatic generation of triggers for analyzing updates of derived data.

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