Method for Data Models Integration in the Common Paradigm.

Leonid A. Kalinichenko: Method for Data Models Integration in the Common Paradigm. ADBIS 1997: 275-284
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The importance of use of the concept of refinement for heterogeneous multidatabase interoperation research and development is emphasized. Using this concept, the commutative data model mapping method [12] is reconsidered. The method provides for verifiable design of the data model mappings handling the models as formal objects in frame of an abstract metamodel. For such meta-model an abstract machine notation is used combining pure mathematical notation with an ability to automatically prove important properties of the data type definitions as well as the subtype property based on the refinement concept.

The concept of data model refinement is introduced. Data model commutative mapping method is based on this notion. The method is specifically oriented on extensible data model mapping (such as the object data models). To preserve information and operations of types of a specific data model while mapping them into the canonical types the commutativity of two mapping diagrams (data type state and data type behavior diagrams) should be established. The required state-based and behavioral properties of the mappings lead to a proof that a source data model is a refinement of its mapping into the canonical data model.

The applicability of the method is demonstrated on the mapping of the ODMG'93 constructs (the relationship type) into canonical data types. The SYNTHESIS language is used for the canonical data model.

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