Concurrency Control in Active Database Systems with Prioritised Rules.

C. K. Kim, Janusz R. Getta: Concurrency Control in Active Database Systems with Prioritised Rules. ADBIS 1997: 29-34
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Rule processing in active database systems is affected by the confluence and termination problems. To solve the confluence problem a strategy is needed to eliminate the cases where different executions of a finite set of rules produce different results. So far, most of the research efforts attempted to solve the confluence problem by compile-time analysis of the rules. This work assumes that unique semantics for a given set of rules can be enforced by associating with each rule a priority that determine a global execution order. Then we show that it is possible solve the confluence problem on the transaction management level. This work introduces a new transaction management protocol that enforces serializable execution of the rules such that respective serial order is consistent with an order determined by the rule priorities.

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