Designing an Intellligent Secision Aiding System Using a Multiagent Approach.

Béatrice Rumpler, Sylvie Calabretto: Designing an Intellligent Secision Aiding System Using a Multiagent Approach. ADBIS 1997: 339-342
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The project described in this paper deals with the design of a software product aimed to help users during the tuning process. It gives suggestions about a few crucial points, such as suitable hardware, database parameters and object distribution on the disks. Two scenarios have prevailed: if the database already exists, statistics automatically collected by Oracle will be extensively used. In the case of database creation, an existing module consisting of a theoretical performance evaluation tool will serve as a basic framework.

Knowledge modelling is to be based on KADS, a well-known technique for knowledge-based systems. This method will be used particularly for specific tuning tasks, while a multiagent approach will be preferred for designing the general application model.

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