Querying and Updating Constraint Databases with Incomplete Information.

Julie Wilks: Querying and Updating Constraint Databases with Incomplete Information. ADBIS 1997: 80-89
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Non-traditional applications in domains such as planning and scheduling, decision support, spatial information systems, CAD/CAM, scientific databases, etc. require a number of functionalities not traditionally provided by standard database models. These include the need to represent temporal and/or spatial information, the existence of both complete and incomplete representations for data, the ability to retrieve both conditional and definite answers to queries in the face of incomplete information and the ability to represent, query and dynamically update complex interrelated data.

In this extended abstract, we present the main concepts behind the ongoing development of a prototype deductive database which aims to provide this functionality through an integration with constraint handling similar to that proposed by Koubarakis [9] for relational databases.

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