Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Data Allocation Strategies in A Distributed Database with Changing Workloads.

Anna Brunstrom, Scott T. Leutenegger, Rahul Simha: Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Data Allocation Strategies in A Distributed Database with Changing Workloads. CIKM 1995: 395-402
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Traditionally, allocation of data in distributed database management systems has been determined by off-line anidysis and optimization. This technique works well for static database access patterns, but is often inadequate for frequently changing workloads. This paper addresses the problem of dynamically reallocating data in a partionable distributed database with changing access patterns. Rather than complicated and expensive optimization algorithms, a simple heuristic is presented and shown, via an implementation study, to improve system throughput by 30% in a local area net work based system. For a wide area network the performance gain is expected to be even larger. It is also shown that individual site load must be taken into consideration when reallocating data. A a simple policy that incorporates load in the reallocation decision is provided.

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CIKM '95, Proceedings of the 1995 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, November 28 - December 2, 1995, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. ACM 1995
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