Multikey Access Scheme Based on Term Discrimination and Signature Clustering.

Jae-Woo Chang, Yoon-Joon Lee: Multikey Access Scheme Based on Term Discrimination and Signature Clustering. DASFAA 1989: 211-218
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In order to improve the two-level signature file scheme proposed by Sacks-Davis et al. [19], we propose a new multikey access scheme based on term discrimination and signature clustering. By term discrimination, we create a separate, efficient access method for the terms frequently used in user queries. We in addition cluster similar signatures by means of these terms so that we may achieve good performance on retrieval. Meanwhile we provide the gross spacetime analysis of our scheme and compare it with that of the two-level signature file scheme. We show that our scheme can achieve 20-30% savings in retrieval time. Finally we propose a family of access methods constructed using our scheme.

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