REAM: An SQL Based and Extensible Relational Database Management System.

Suguru Kawakami, Takashi Nakayama, Koichi Kashiwabara, Sadayuki Hikita: REAM: An SQL Based and Extensible Relational Database Management System. DASFAA 1989: 166-170
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REAM (RElational dAtabase Management system) is a relational database management system developed by OKI. The relational database has been expected to be widespread thanks to its well-defined mathematical foundation; however, application programmers have suffered from incompatible access interfaces among various so-called relational database systems so far due to the absence of the international standard. The access interface of REAM is an implementation of the internationally standardized SQL. REAM also is extensible in the sense that it may be accessible through other access languages besides SQL. In addition, REAM can be extended to distributed environment. For the sake of extensibility, REAM comes up with a two layered interface structure, the SQL language interface and the REAM kernel interface. By adding another language interface on the top of the REAM kernel interface, REAM easily provides another language interface for application programs. REAM has already had a set of extended functional capability so that it can work as an underlying system for a distributed database system.

This paper presents the system's design decisions and extended functional capability with addressing the problems left in the standardized SQL. Then, the current implementation of REAM is explained.

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