A Protocol for Consistent Surveillance of a Partitioned Network for Distributed Database Systems.

Junguk L. Kim: A Protocol for Consistent Surveillance of a Partitioned Network for Distributed Database Systems. DASFAA 1989: 259-265
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When network partitioning occurs, the mutual consistency of data items may become doubtful unless the transaction processing mechanism appropriately limits its operation. In order to support operation for partitioned network, a mechanism to detect changes in the status of the network is necessary. The system must know when and how the partition is formed. A site may periodically send messages to check for network status changes or the status may be checked only when necessary. If a surveillance mechanism which operates only as needed is adequate to support partitioned operation, we can save on overhead. Essentially, we only need to know about status changes that can affect the consistency of the database.

In this paper, we present a new status surveillance protocol that correctly supports partitioned operation. Correctness for providing necessary changing points for partitioned operation is presented.

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