Knowledge Base for Database Design.

Jerzy J. Korczak, Leszek A. Maciaszek, G. J. Stafford: Knowledge Base for Database Design. DASFAA 1989: 61-68
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This paper describes the database design knowledge of a computer-assisted database design tool, called the Intelligent Database Design Kit (IDDK), used to develop database systems. The IDDK knowledge base is stored in the form of a database dictionary based on an extended entity-relationship-attribute model. The database dictionary is central to the knowledge engineering approach of the IDDK implementation strategy. The knowledge-based dictionary is a repository of meta-data (atomic facts, concepts, definitions, inference rules, heuristics) for a database system development. IDDK tools are developed using, to a large extent, semantic models and artificial intelligence techniques. The paper introduces computer-assisted extensions to Chen's entity-relationship model, in particular, recursive, subset, generic, and nested relationship concepts. An architecture and framework for intelligent database design is presented. The database design knowledge is divided into a declarative part (containing a description of entities, relationships and attributes) and a procedural part (defining design operations). While driving the IDDK tools, the knowledge base maintains basic consistency checks. In fact, the same methodology that supports the database design activities is used to implement the knowledge base. The IDDK interface to the knowledge base editor is based on a standard Macintosh interface extended with database design-oriented pallette icons and graphical editing tools.

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