An Object-Oriented Approach to Multimedia Database Orgenization and Management.

Yoshifumi Masunaga: An Object-Oriented Approach to Multimedia Database Orgenization and Management. DASFAA 1989: 190-200
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In this paper the problem of how to organize and manage multimedia databases is investigated based on an object-oriented approach. In order to capture a wide range of multimedia information about objects in the real world, we have introduced the kernel object base for integration which plays an essential role in integrating various types of multimedia databases organized in different media. This multimedia database organization method is called the referred object integration method. Since the kernel object base can represent even environmental knowledge about multimedia objects as well as their own data structure, the system can answer to a variety of queries in an intelligent manner. Object-oriented approach was taken to describe a multimedia data model. which is called OMEGA data model. Particularly, the investigation of how to manage media information and how to represent the temporal and the spatial information about multimedia objects in the OMEGA data model were done in this paper. A class hierarchy for media information management and a mechnism to accommodate the temporal and the spatial information in the model were made clear. This will be a main framework for implementing a multimedia database management system OMEGA.

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