Map-Oriented Visual Language: MOL.

Masahide Ohtomo, Hideto Ikeda: Map-Oriented Visual Language: MOL. DASFAA 1989: 10-17
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New technologies and instruments of computer are widely used, and it is the time to make efforts in shaping the computer world to the user's world. One of the efforts is improvement of a programming language. In the area of databaae systems, some fourth generation languages adopted visual representations in order to improve their user interfaces. These are, however, not sufficient for naive users because of poor capability for describing procedural programs and difficulty of understanding. This paper proposed a new visual language named MOL, which can be used by non-progmmmers to develop application systems. The structure of database is represented as a special diagram which is referred to a "map" in this paper. On the map, there are some information centers which manage a collection of data. These centers are connected by avenues, when there are certain relationships betweek respective data of two information centers. A program is represented as a trail of the map. In order to access data with MOL, a user orders a messenger to trace avenues, visit information centers, collect data, fill a reporting sheet with the data and bring back it. The collected data can be processed on a spread sheet. By using MOL, user interface can be improved to be more fiendly for non-programmers than the other fourth generation languages without loss of powerful capability of procedural languages.

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