Adapting Object-Oriented CAD Database Concepts for Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE).

Jeffrey S. Poulin, Martin Hardwick: Adapting Object-Oriented CAD Database Concepts for Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE). DASFAA 1989: 201-208
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There is currently a large research effort underway to develop new techniques and methods for the efficient development of software. However, much of this effort ignores the vast sum of knowledge that has been acquired through our experiences in the field of engineering CAD, especially in the area of VLSI design. Much of what has been learned in this area centers on database support for the design process, and in particular, efficient object-oriented modeling techniques for design data. We believe that the data model for software is the central issue surrounding the development of CASE systems. After comparing the nature of the design process in the fields of VLSI and Software, a semantic data model for supporting software development is presented.

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