Design of Database Schemata for Logic Design Education System LODES.

Haiyan Xu, Takaki Kuroda: Design of Database Schemata for Logic Design Education System LODES. DASFAA 1989: 90-97
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In this paper, data structures for logic design education system LODES are discussed. The major objective of LODES is to assist students to understand design process of logic circuits. We use software approach for VLSI education instead of hardware approach by making real VLSI chips, since it is easy to adapt technological changes as well as students can design circuits utilizing various hardware technology TTL, ECL, PLA, etc.). In order to achieve flexibility, we use a relational database system. In this paper, the required functions to realize LODES by a relational database system are discussed. Especially, handling of two kinds of CAD data; circuit design programs and circuit data themselves, makes the system complicated. Finally, database schemata for LODES are given.

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