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2. DMKD 1997: Tucson, Arizona

Workshop on Research Issues on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD'97), in cooperation with ACM SIGMOD'97

Tucson, Arizona, May 11, 1997


Mining knowledge from large databases and data warehouses is a promising research area, with high application potential due to the huge amounts of data accumulated in databases, data warehouses, and other information repositories. Coupled with the rapid growth of data, data mining has attracted people from many different fields, including database systems, data warehouses, machine learning, knowledge acquisition, statistics, information retrieval, and data visualization. The past conferences and workshops dedicated to knowledge discovery in databases are associated with conferences with very diverse themes. It is important to have such a forum associated with database conferences as well to examine mining issues particularly related to database systems. Consequently, in June 1996, we organized a SIGMOD workshop on research issues on data mining and knowledge discovery. It was well attended and was widely considered to be successful in creating a forum for database researchers to exchange their research ideas and results in data mining. To continue to provide such a forum, we are organizing the second workshop again in cooperation with SIGMOD.


Invited Talk

Session I: Clustering/Classification

Session II: Applications

Session III: Association Rules

Session IV: Miscellany

Summary Discussion

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