Query Driven Knowledge Discovery in Multidimensional Data.

Jean-François Boulicaut, Patrick Marcel, Christophe Rigotti: Query Driven Knowledge Discovery in Multidimensional Data. DOLAP 1999: 87-93
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We study KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) processes on multidimensional data from a query point of view. Focusing on association rule mining, we consider typical queries to cope with the pre-processing of multidimensional data and the post-processing of the discovered patterns as well. We use a model and a rule-based language stemming from the OLAP multidimensional representation, and demonstrate that such a language fits well for writing KDD queries on multidimensional data. Using an homogeneous data model and our language for expressing queries at every phase of the process appears as a valuable step towards a better understanding of interactivity during the whole process.

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DOLAP '99, ACM Second International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP, November 6, 1999, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Proceedings. ACM 1999
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