12. ICDE 1996: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Keynote Speech

Database Issues in Information Highways

Session Chair: Theodore Johnson

Query and Control in Multidatabase Systems

Session Chair: Nandit Soparkar

Spatial and Temporal Systems

Session Chair: Gunter Schlageter

Knowledge Discovery

Session Chair: Ming-Syna Chen

Mediation and Federated Databases

Session Chair: Joachim Hammer

Industrial Program I - Relational DBs

Distributed Information Systems and WWW

Session Chair: Yelena Yesha

Panel Discussion I

Industrial Program II - Extended Relational DBs

Keynote Speech

Visualization and Reverse Engineering

Session Chair: Gultekin Özsoyoglu

Object-Oriented Databases I - Physical Organizations

Session Chair: Dave Dampier

Parallel Databases

Session Chair: Sriram Padmanabhan

Industrial Program III - Workflow and Re-engineering Case Studies

Panel Discussion II

Object-Oriented Databases II - Design and Processing Techniques

Session Chair: Christian S. Jensen

Distributed Information Systems

Session Chair: Niki Pissinou

Industrial Program IV - Multimedia

Active Database/Knowledge Base Systems

Session Chair: Erich J. Neuhold

Query Processing and Optimization

Session Chair: Frank Olken

Distributed Databases

Session Chair: Kia Makki

Industrial Program V - Workflow and Groupware Systems

Multimedia I - Querying and Browsing

Session Chair: Farshad Fotouhi

Scientific Databases - Sequence Search Methods

Session Chair: Arie Shoshani

Workflow and Transaction Management I

Session Chair: Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

Multimedia II - Presentation Management Issues

Session Chair: Hemant Tagare

Panel Discussion III

Plenary Panel Discussion

Workflow and Transaction Management II

Session Chair: John Miller

Multimedia III - Systems and Applications

Session Chair: Rajeev Rastogi

Industrial Program IV - Object Standards

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