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4. IFIP Congress 1968, Volume 2: Edinburgh, UK

A. J. H. Morrell (Ed.): Information Processing 68, Proceedings of IFIP Congress 1968, Edinburgh, UK, 5-10 August 1968, Volume 2 - Hardware, Applications.

Part 3 - Hardware

Invited Papers

Data Communications

Analogue and Hybrid Systems

Component Technology

Computer System Organization

Analysis of Computer Systems

Real-Time Ultra-Reliable Systems

Computer Networks

Son et Lumière

Part 4 - Applications

Invited Papers

Systems Planning

Management Aids

Applications in Marketing and Production

File Structure

File Management and Data Banks

Information Retrieval

Systems for Information Retrieval

Computer-Assisted Training and Education

Learning and Teaching

Mathematical Linguistics and its Applications

Design Automation

Applications in Physical Science

Applications in Engineering

Applications in Biology and Medicine

Applications in the Social Sciences

Scientific Data Processing Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Pattern Recognition

Panel Position Papers

Structure and operations of a computer utility: the view presented to the user

Interactions between users, designers and manufacturers

The economics of program production

Education in information processing in schools

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