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14. IFIP Congress 1996: Canberra, Australia

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Keynote Paper


PART ONE: System Support for Mobile Communications

Invited Paper

PART TWO: Caching and Replication for Mobile Communications

PART THREE: Basic Architectures for Mobile Information Systems

PART FOUR: Mobile Agents and Multimedia Applications

Invited Paper

PART FIVE: Networking and Protocols for Mobile Communication

PART SIX: Methods and Algorithms for Mobile Information Access

Invited Paper

PART SEVEN: Mobile Communication Architectures

PART EIGHT: QoS-Management and Resource Discovery for Mobile Communication

Invited Paper

TRACK 2: Trusting in Technology, Authentication, Security

Invited Paper

Industrial State-of-the-Art Report

PART ONE: Protocols for Authentication, Secure Communication and Payment

PART TWO: Genral Security Aspects in Mobile Communication

PART THREE: New Security Algorithms and Methods

Invited Paper

PART FOUR: Secure Mobile Applications

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