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11. IFIP Congress 1989: San Francisco, USA

Gerhard Ritter (Ed.): Information Processing 89, Proceedings of the IFIP 11th World Computer Congress, San Francisco, USA, August 28 - September 1, 1989. North-Holland/IFIP, 1989, ISBN 0-444-88015-1

Frontiers in Computing (Panel)

Randomization in Distributed & Parallel Computing

Real Time Programming: Special Purpose or General Purpose Languages

Languages with Concurrency

Expert Systems: Professional Tools for Data Communication? (Panel)

Industrial Tools

Effective Industrial Application of Formal Methods

Report on Information Technology Projects in the People's Republic of China


Better Tools - Less Education?

Hardware and Software Dependability Evaluation

Hardware and Software Dependability Evaluation (Panel)

"Perfect" Pseudo-Random Number Generation

Programming Human Computer Interaction

Distributed Systems

Communication Support for Distributed Systems

Knowledge Representation Systems: Implementation, Experiences, Directions (Panel)

Industrial Strength Software Development Environments

Software Engineering Directions, Approaches and Issues

Supercomputing in the 1990's

Future Trends in Supercomputing: Access and Evaluation (Panel)

Zero-Defect Designs, Why and How: Formal Verification vs. Automated Synthesis

Representational Issues in Modeling User Tasks, Knowledge, and Interfaces

Computers and Continuing Education (Panel)

How Specialists Perceive the Social Impact of Computers (Panel)

Information System Design and Work in Organisation Design (Panel)

Algorithms and Complexity of Computation

Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

How to Use OSI - Practical Experience and Limitations (Panel)

Logical Foundations of Deductive Databases

Implementation Issues for Knowledge Bases

Validation of Hardware and Software: Similarities and Differences (Panel)

Software Engineering Environments

Future Computing Media: Japan's Efforts

Silicon Compilers: How Well Have They Done, and Where Are They Headed? (Panel)

Can Office Technology Support Office Dialogues?

Can Current Office Models Support Automation?

Advanced Design for Automated Manufacture

Computer Eduction for All

Developing Competence in a Developing Environment

Data Structure Design and Analysis

Randomized Parallel Algorithms

Experiences and Trends


Knowledge Bases and Databases (Panel)

Software Fault Tolerance

Can Software Faults Be Tolerated? (Panel)

The Effectiveness of Neural Computing

Modeling and Performance Evaluation

Design Automation in Industry I: Experience Across the World (Panel)

Design Automation in Industry II: Challenges Across the World (Panel)

User Interface Technologies

Impact of Computer Technologies on Education

Educational Tools for Informatics

Fractals: A New Challenge to Model Reality

Designing Concurrency Semantics

Semantics and Concurrency

Europe/USSR/Japan on Computing Systems Architectures

Backbone Networks

Network Interconnection and Gateways

Principles of Knowledge Representation

Applications of Knowledge Based Systems

Software Factories Around the World (Panel)

Software Engineering Databases

The Graphics Supercomputer

The Evolution of VHDL

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (Panel)

The Future Office Automation

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Flexible Integrated Automation Systems (Panel)

Personal Computers on Campuses: The Experience (Panel)

Proofs as Advanced and Powerful Tool

Why Isn't There an Object-Oriented Data Model?

Extending Database Technology

Information Management

Specification of Distributed Systems

SEI on the Software Technology Transtion

Europe/USSR/USA on Down & Upstream SE Environments

Supercomputers for Scientific Computing

Design Methods and Tools for Application Specific Integrated Circuits

Zen and the Art of Analog Design Automation (Panel)

Intelligent User Interfaces: Boon or Bane (Panel)

Production Planning and Scheduling in CIM

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics (Panel)

Introduction of Informatics at University

Foundations of Software Engineering - The Silver Bullet (Panel)

Parallelism in Logic Programming

Europe/Japan on Logic Programming & Knowledge Base Systems

SPC on Production-Oriented Software Engineering

Supercomputing in Airplane Design

General-Purpose Multiprocessors

Advances in VLSI-Testing

ESPRIT on Office Systems & Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Object-Oriented Development for Open Systems

Erpert Systems & Factory Automation

Artificial Intelligence and Production Management

Problems in Specific Education Areas

Tools for Progress of Society

Formal Structures in an Informal World

Specification and Verification Techniques

Semantics of Programming Languages

Experiences with Expert Systems

Paradigm-Oriented Supercomputers

The Quest for the Future

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