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13. IFIP Congress 1994: Hamburg, Germany

Karen A. Duncan, Karl H. Krueger (Eds.): Linkage and Developing Countries, Information Processing '94, Volume 3, Proceedings of the IFIP 13th World Computer Congress, Hamburg, Germany, 28 August - 2 September, 1994. IFIP Transaction A-53, North-Holland, 1994, ISBN 0-444-81990-8

Track 5 - Computer and Communications for Developing Countries

Building Information Technology Capability

The Development of Information Technology Strategies

National Policies

Informatics Independence

Human Resources and Development

The Linking Issues

Issue 1: What Should We Build?

Link: Technology and Applications

Issue 3: When Virtual Reality Becomes Real

Link: Technology and Applications

Issue 4: Utopia? Or Chaos? How Should We Control Technology Development?

Link: Technology and Impact

Issue 5: How Much is Safety Worth?

Link: Foundations and Technology

Issue 6: Should we Invest in Intellectual Elegance or Computer Power?

Link: Foundations and Technology Panel: The Impact of Information Technology Research on Industry

Issue 7: Who is in Control?

Link: Applications and Impact

Issue 8: Is Application Development Focused on Real Problems?

Link: Applications and Impact Panel: What Has Gone Wrong with Application Development? Who is the Culprit?

Is Technology Transfer the Answer?

Link: Developing Countries with Foundations, Technology, Applications and Impact

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