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5. IWDM 1987: Tokyo, Japan

Masaru Kitsuregawa, Hidehiko Tanaka (Eds.): Database Machines and Knowledge Base Machines, 5th International Workshop on Database Machines, Tokyo, Japan, 1987, Proceedings. Kluwer, 1988, ISBN 0-898380257-2

Project Research for Knowledge Base Machines

Database Machines

Hypercube and Vector Database Machines

Sorting Machines

Concurrency Control

VLSI-based Database Machines

Parallel Execution and Control of Database Machines

Filter Processors

Main Memory Database Machines

Performance Evaluation

Memory and Disk Management

Knowledge Base Machines

Query Processing for Deductive Database Machines

AI Machines

Architectural Support for Deductive Database Machines

Prolog Machines

Extended Model for Database and Knowledge Base

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