3. MFDBS 1991: Rostock, Germany

Bernhard Thalheim, János Demetrovics, Hans-Detlef Gerhardt (Eds.): MFDBS 91, 3rd Symposium on Mathematical Fundamentals of Database and Knowledge Bases Systems, Rostock, Germany, May 6-9, 1991, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 495 Springer 1991, ISBN 3-540-54009-1 BibTeX

MFDBS 91 is the third of a series of biannual conferences. The first two were held in Dresden 1987 and Visegrád in 1989. The 1991 conference is organized by the Rostock University. The Changes in Europe make it possible to integrate the two conferences on Database Theory in Europe (ICDT and MFDBS). Therefore, the next ICDT conference is also the continuation of the MFDBS conferences.

Complex Objects


Update and Queries

Storage and Organization

Deductive Databases

Integrity Constraints

Object-Oriented Databases

Database Programming Languages


The Theoretical Basis of Systems

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