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4. RIDE-ADS 1994

Jennifer Widom, Sharma Chakravarthy (Eds.): Fourth International Workshop on Research Issues in Data Engineering: Active Database Systems, Houston, Texas, February 14-15, 1994. IEEE-CS 1994, ISBN 0-8186-5360-4

RIDE-ADS '94 is the fourth in a series of annual workshops covering specific research topics within the general area of Data Engineering. For 1994, the topic of the workshop is Active Database Systems. Considering the explosive growth of this area in the last few years (evidenced by the numbers of papers in major conferences, the pervasive interest spanning from academia to industry, and the quick emergence of commercial products), it may come as a surprise to many that this is the first workshop devoted exclusively to the topic of active database systems. RIDE-ADS '94 therefore serves as an important forum for finally bringing together leading researchers, developers, and users in this area. The immediate harnessing of the results that have come out of this research area (by vendors and application developers alike) separates this topic from many others in the past, and is reflected in the workshop's theme, which is best summed up as: Are we meeting the user's requirements?

The workshop program consists of a single track, with six sessions of paper presentations and two panels. The topics covered by the paper sessions include: rule language design, rule processing, rule implementation and optimization, integrity constraints and derived data, active database design and debugging, and active database applications. The opening panel sets the stage for the workshop by discussing various application areas and the relevance and applicability of active database technology to these areas. The closing panel is an evaluation by experts from industry and academia on whether the ideas, technologies, and solutions presented at the workshop are aimed at correctly handling the application requirements.

Implementation and Optimization

Language Design and Applications

Integrity Constraints and Derived Data

Rule Processing I

Rule Processing II

Design and Debugging

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