GPI: A Statistical Package/Data Base Interface.

Lynn A. Hollabaugh, Lewis T. Reinwald: GPI: A Statistical Package/Data Base Interface. SSDBM 1981: 78-87
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The GPI (Generalized Package Interface) strives to ease the task of the general user in applying programs against census and survey data. Specifically, the system addresses two design goals: 1) reducing the dependency of such generalized programming packages as the Census Bureau's Generalized Tabulation System, SPSS, DISSPLA, and P-STAT on a fixed data/file format, and 2) freeing the packages' users from the need to know the detailed structure of their data. To meet these goals, GPI comprises two main components, a customizer that tailors a package to access the user's specific data/file structure and a dictionary which describes that data/file structure.

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Harry K. T. Wong (Ed.): Proceedings of the First LBL Workshop on Statistical Database Management, Melno Park, California, USA, December 2-4, 1981. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 1982
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