Abe: A Query Language for Constructing Aggregates-by-Example.

Anthony C. Klug: Abe: A Query Language for Constructing Aggregates-by-Example. SSDBM 1981: 190-205
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The Abe query language is described. Abe is a relational language designed to make easy the formulation of complicated statistical queries. Abe is similar to Zloof's Query-By-Example in that it makes use of the entire terminal screen. It is similar to Ingres' QUEL in that it has aggregate functions applied to subqueries. The concepts used in defining Abe are actually simpler and fewer in number than those found in QBE and QUEL, while the language is actually more powerful for constructing statistical queries than either QBE, QUEL, or System-R's SQL. This paper introduces the Abe query language and gives a number of examples of its use.

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Harry K. T. Wong (Ed.): Proceedings of the First LBL Workshop on Statistical Database Management, Melno Park, California, USA, December 2-4, 1981. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 1982
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