The XPS Approach to Loading and Unloading Terabyte Databases.

Sanket Atal: The XPS Approach to Loading and Unloading Terabyte Databases. VLDB 1996: 589
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XPS (eXtended Parallel Server), Informix's MPP solution, is designed to provide a solution to enterprise-wide database management, which not only includes the DBMS, but also scalable utilities. The focus of this talk will be our load/unload utility which is fast, flexible, scalable, and easy to use.


The loader was developed on top of the existing Parallel Data Query (PDQ) iterator infrastructure. The loader and converter are iterators. The server treats the load iterator tree just like any other iterator tree and is able to use existing algorithms for parallelization and resource allocation. This also allows the loader functionality to have low level access to SQL functions.

The XPS loader design introduces the concept of an external table -- a table that has a catalog entry in a database but does not reside in a materialized form within that database. Any source for a load or target for an unload can be treated as an {\em external table.} That is, an external table can be used as an interface to an application program or system device that is external to the server. To create an external table, one uses our extended create table or select...into... statement syntax.

Easy to Use

Although there is a GUI interface, its use is optional because SQL can be used to perform load, unload and other operations on the external tables.


External tables provide flexibility in load processing:


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