The ADAPT System: A Generalized Approach Towards Data Conversion.

Maurice J. Bach, Nancy H. Coguen, Michael M. Kaplan: The ADAPT System: A Generalized Approach Towards Data Conversion. VLDB 1979: 183-193
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Translation of large mechanized banks of data from one computer stored form to another represents a major investment. The translation is frequently necessitated by evolving hardware and software systems. Standardization of data structures across various hardware environments does not exist. Capabilities for specifying the definition of data in the existing hardware and software environments and for mapping data from one environment to another are needed. The ADAPT (A DAta Parsing and Transformation) system provides an efficient generalized language driven approach towards data translation.

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Antonio L. Furtado, Howard L. Morgan (Eds.): Fifth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 3-5, 1979, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1979
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