Achieving Zero Information-Loss in a Classical Database Environment.

Gautam Bhargava, Shashi K. Gadia: Achieving Zero Information-Loss in a Classical Database Environment. VLDB 1989: 217-224
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The research in temporal databases has, so far, concentrated on the history of an object as it exists in the real world. Instead, in this paper we view the history of an object as it is recorded in a database. Such a history is obtained by extrpoating the outcome of the updates (insert, modify, and delete) made to the object at discrete instants. Our model supports two kinds of query-users: the system-user, and the classical-user. For the classical-user, the interface to the database is identical to the usual interface in classical snapshot databases. We extend the classical relational model so that a transaction, i.e.,anupdate or a (retrieval) query is recorded in such a way that its effectcan be determined at any time in the future; thus, our model is a zero information-loss model (Theorem 1). The logical structure imposed upon the model allows us to give a powerful algebra or the system-user to query the circumstantial information surrounding updates and queries. In addition, a single execution of a query can be identified with the relation it retrieves; thus, a user can query queries, query queries on queries, ad infinitum. The model represents an application of temporal databases to mainstreamdatabases. It can be used in auditing, and as a foundation for building secure systems.

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Peter M. G. Apers, Gio Wiederhold (Eds.): Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 22-25, 1989, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Morgan Kaufmann 1989, ISBN 1-55860-101-5


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