Constructing Efficient Decision Trees by Using Optimized Numeric Association Rules.

Takeshi Fukuda, Yasuhiko Morimoto, Shinichi Morishita, Takeshi Tokuyama: Constructing Efficient Decision Trees by Using Optimized Numeric Association Rules. VLDB 1996: 146-155
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We propose an extension of an entropy-based heuristic of Quinlan [Q93] for constructing a decision tree from a large database with many numeric attributes. Quinlan pointed out that his original method (as well as other existing methods) may be inefficient if any numeric attributes are strongly correlated. Our approach offers one solution to this problem. For each pair of numeric attributes with strong correlation, we compute a two-dimensional association rule with respect to these attributes and the objective attribute of the decision tree. In particular, we consider a family R of grid-regions in the plane associated with the pair of attributes. For R in R, the data can be split into two classes: data inside R and data outside R.

We compute the region Ropt in R that minimizes the entropy of the splitting, and add the splitting associated with Ropt (for each pair of strongly correlated attributes) to the set of candidate tests in Quinlan's entropy-based heuristic.

We give efficient algorithms for cases in which R is (1) x-monotone connected regions, (2) based-monotone regions, (3) rectangles, and (4) rectilinear convex regions. The algorithm for the first case has been implemented as a subsystem of SONAR(System for Optimized Numeric Association Rules) developed by the authors. Tests show that our approach can create small-sized decision trees.

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T. M. Vijayaraman, Alejandro P. Buchmann, C. Mohan, Nandlal L. Sarda (Eds.): VLDB'96, Proceedings of 22th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 3-6, 1996, Mumbai (Bombay), India. Morgan Kaufmann 1996, ISBN 1-55860-382-4
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