Binding Propagation in Disjunctive Databases.

Sergio Greco: Binding Propagation in Disjunctive Databases. VLDB 1998: 287-298
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In this paper we present a technique for the propagation of bindings into disjunctive deductive databases. The optimization is based on the rewriting of the source program into a program which is equivalent to the original one under the possible semantics. In particular, the rewriting technique generates a program which is disjunctive with nested rules in the head, i.e., elements in the head may also be (special) rules. The proposed optimization reduces the size of the data relevant to answer the query and, consequently, (i) reduces the complexity of computing a single model and, more importantly, (ii) greatly reduces the number of modelsto be considered to answer the query. Although in this paper we consider negation free and stratified linear programs, the technique can easily be extended to the full class of programs with stratified negation.

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Ashish Gupta, Oded Shmueli, Jennifer Widom (Eds.): VLDB'98, Proceedings of 24rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 24-27, 1998, New York City, New York, USA. Morgan Kaufmann 1998, ISBN 1-55860-566-5
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