Optimizing Boolean Expressions in Object-Bases.

Alfons Kemper, Guido Moerkotte, Michael Steinbrunn: Optimizing Boolean Expressions in Object-Bases. VLDB 1992: 79-90
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In this paper we address the problem of optimizing the evaluation of boolean expressions in the context of object-oriented data modelling. We develop a new heuristic for optimizing the evaluation sequence of boolean expressions based on selectivity and cost estimates of the terms constituting theboolean expression. The quality and efficiency of the heuristic is evaluated based on a quantitative analysis which compares our heuristic with the optimal, but infeasible algorithm and other known methods. The heuristic is based on the selectivity and evaluation-cost estimates of the terms of which the boolean expression is composed. Deriving these inputs of the heuristics, i.e., the selectivity and cost estimates, is then addressed. We use an adaptation of well-known sampling for estimating the selectivity of terms. The cost estimation is much more complex than in the relational context due to the possibility of invoking functions within a boolean expression. We develop the decapsulation method that derives cost estimates by analysing the implementation of (encapsulated) functions.

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Li-Yan Yuan (Ed.): 18th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 23-27, 1992, Vancouver, Canada, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1992, ISBN 1-55860-151-1
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