A Conceptual Model for Dynamic Clustering in Object Databases.

Qing Li, John L. Smith: A Conceptual Model for Dynamic Clustering in Object Databases. VLDB 1992: 457-468
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In object-oriented database systems, it is assumed silently that fundamental object types and inter-object relationships can be classified statically, prescribing basic structural and behavioral properties for all the objects in the database. Such a classification-based approach falls short of supporting those data-intensive applications requiring more advanced dynamic functions. A particular kind of such advanced functions is "dynamic clustering" - the ability to group/cluster existing objects to form typeless, ad-hoc collections (called "clusters") which are directly denotable and employable. Such clusters can be formed by taking copies or by including the Oids of the input objects, and can be explicitly defined or indefinitely defined, exhibiting thus different impacts and characteristics, ranging from loosely-coupled to tightly-coupled ones. In this paper we describe an on-going project of devising a conceptual clustering model. A real life DB application is used as a basis for testing and evaluating the model. An implementation prototype has been implemented, based on a comprehensive object database programming system.

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