Multivalued Dependencies with Null Values in Relational Data Bases.

Y. Edmund Lien: Multivalued Dependencies with Null Values in Relational Data Bases. VLDB 1979: 61-66
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The role of null values in a relational data base is considered within the framework of multivalued dependencies. When a relation contains null values, a different treatment of data dependencies and different relational operations such as projection and join, are necessary. This paper develops a complete axiomatization for the revised multivalued dependencies. In particular, complementation, reflexivity, augmentation, and union are shown to be a complete set of inference rules. In contrast with the conventional multivalued dependencies, the transitivity rule cannot be used. These results provide a framework for the use of the revised multivalued dependencies in choosing relations and their attributes for a feasible data-base design.

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Antonio L. Furtado, Howard L. Morgan (Eds.): Fifth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 3-5, 1979, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1979
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