Design, Implementation, and Performance of the LHAM Log-Structured History Data Access Method.

Peter Muth, Patrick E. O'Neil, Achim Pick, Gerhard Weikum: Design, Implementation, and Performance of the LHAM Log-Structured History Data Access Method. VLDB 1998: 452-463
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Numerous applications such as stock market or medical information systems require that both historical and current data be logically integrated intoa temporal database. The underlying access method must support different forms of "time-travel"queries, the migration of old record versions onto inexpensive archive media, and high insert and update rates. This paper introduces a new access method for transaction-time temporal data, called the Log- structured History Data Access Method (LHAM) that meets these demands. The basic principle of LHAM is to partition the data into successive components based on the timestamps of the record versions. Components are assigned to different levels of a storage hierarchy, and incoming data is continuously migrated through the hierarchy. The paper discusses the LHAM concepts, including concurrency control and recovery, our full-fledged LHAM implementation, and experimental performance results based on this implementation. A detailed comparison with the TSB-tree, both analytically and based on experiments with real implementations, shows that LHAM is highly superior interms of insert performance while query performance is in almost all casesat least as good as for the TSB-tree; in many cases it is much better.

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Ashish Gupta, Oded Shmueli, Jennifer Widom (Eds.): VLDB'98, Proceedings of 24rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 24-27, 1998, New York City, New York, USA. Morgan Kaufmann 1998, ISBN 1-55860-566-5
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