Random Sampling from B+ Trees.

Frank Olken, Doron Rotem: Random Sampling from B+ Trees. VLDB 1989: 269-277
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We consider the design and analysis of algorithms to retrieve simple random samples from databases. Specifically, we examine simple random sampling from B+ treefiles. Existing methods of sampling from B+ trees, require the use of auxiliary rank information in the nodes of the tree. Such modified B+ tree files are called "ranked B+trees". We compare sampling from ranked B+ tree files, with new acceptance/rejection (A/R) sampling methods which sample directly from standard B+ trees. Our new A/R sampling algorithm can easily be retrofit to existing DBMSs, and does not require the overhead of maintaining rank information. We consider both iterative and batch sampling methods.

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Peter M. G. Apers, Gio Wiederhold (Eds.): Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 22-25, 1989, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Morgan Kaufmann 1989, ISBN 1-55860-101-5


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