Architectural Issues in Distributed Data Base Systems.

C. V. Ramamoorthy, Gary S. Ho, T. Kirshnarao, Benjamin W. Wah: Architectural Issues in Distributed Data Base Systems. VLDB 1977: 121-126
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The design of a distributed data base is a complex and difficult task requiring careful consideration of data organization, data distribution, user interface, updating/retrieval schemes, program/data placement, security policies and reliability issues. In this paper, we have discussed a design methodology which can be used to design a distributed data base. This design methodology is a systematic way to guide the designer in making decisions during the requirement process phase, the design process phase and the implementation phase. We conclude this paper by examining the architectural issues in the design of distributed data bases.

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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 6-8, 1977, Tokyo, Japan. IEEE Computer Society 1977
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