Sorting, Grouping and Duplicate Elimination in the Advanced Information Management Prototype.

Gunter Saake, Volker Linnemann, Peter Pistor, Lutz Michael Wegner: Sorting, Grouping and Duplicate Elimination in the Advanced Information Management Prototype. VLDB 1989: 307-316
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Sorting, duplicate suppression and grouping are important operations inrelational database management systems. This paper is devoted to the related language features and their implementation in the Advanced Information Management Prototype AIM-P. The query language HDBL is an SQL-like database language supporting theextended NF2 data model. The proposed language extensions follow the classical SQL approach for sorting and duplicate elimination by extending the SFW construct with appropriate clauses. For the grouping operation we chose a new syntactical construct becausethe implicit structure transformation of grouping differs from the sorting and duplicate suppression operations. Finally, the integration into the query evaluation of the AIM prototypeis described.

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Peter M. G. Apers, Gio Wiederhold (Eds.): Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 22-25, 1989, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Morgan Kaufmann 1989, ISBN 1-55860-101-5


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