A Multi-Level Architecture for Relational Data Base Systems.

Hans Albrecht Schmid, Philip A. Bernstein: A Multi-Level Architecture for Relational Data Base Systems. VLDB 1975: 202-226
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Most of the literature on implementation of relations has been directed toward user features, with little attention paid to an overall conceptual view of underlying structures. Performance oriented considerationshave been treated only for isolated problems.

Toward a solution to these problems we describe a multi-level architecture for relational data base systems. This architecture distinguishes clearly between user oriented features, access path structures,data structures and file organization. It also allows efficiency problems to be isolated within levels and solved independently of each other, without impacting the logical structure of the user's virtual machine. Specific problems considered here in the context of this architecture include the mapping of relations into files, the implementation of fast access paths, and some file level optimizations that are particularly useful in relational systems.

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Douglas S. Kerr (Ed.): Proceedings of the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 22-24, 1975, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. ACM 1975
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