Stanford's Generalized Database System.

J. R. Schroeder, W. C. Kiefer, Richard L. Guertin, W. J. Berman: Stanford's Generalized Database System. VLDB 1975: 120-143
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SPIRES (STANFORD PUBLIC INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM) is a generalized, on-line database management system developed by Stanford University. Since 1972 it has supported a diverse group of users who design and maintain their own databases. This paper presents an overview of not only the conceptual model of SPIRES, but also some of the underlying implementation techniques.

The discussion emphasizes the role of metadata: schemae that describe the physical or logical mapping of databases are themselves records in the databank and are entered interactively. The database structure is defined in terms of forest sets (databases), forests (record sets), and trees (records). Three aspects of SPIRES schemae are reviewed: a predicate which determines the membership of a record in a particular record set, forest-valued passing functions on trees, and files, which are forest subsets accessible to different user groups.

Other topics include:

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Douglas S. Kerr (Ed.): Proceedings of the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 22-24, 1975, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. ACM 1975
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